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Our region and countryside


Gradara Castle, in Gradara (PU): only 3 km far from the sea, at 142 metres above sea level, you find Gradara: the backdrop to Paolo and Francesca`s tragic love story as described by Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and d`Annunzio. The first building of the hamlet - the Medieval Tower - dates back to 1150. (You can visit the castle and hamlet with a tour guide).

The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo in Gabicce (PU): if you set off from Gabicce Mare, head through the town and past the docks, and go up the road known as the Panoramica,
you will reach Piazza Valbruna in Gabicce Monte, the entrance to the San Bartolo Natural Park and the heart of the tiny hamlet which dominates the Riviera.
Come here to admire the striking scene of yellow brooms blossoming against the backdrop of the crystal clear water of the coast.

And what about the surrounding area? You can`t miss out on visiting these three places within such easy reach...

San Marino (41 km)
San Marino is a medieval town, nestled on the breath-taking panoramic slopes of Mount Titan, and is the capital of the oldest Republic in the world.

San Leo (48 km)
When you reach San Leo, your gaze is instantly drawn to the Fortress. Built in medieval times, it is a majestic building with long defensive walls
and two massive cylinder-shaped towers. Piazza Dante is the heart of the hamlet and is surrounded by many striking buildings and the Duomo.

Rimini (20 km)
Founded in 268 B.C. by the Romans, Rimini still preserves important traces of its past: the Arch of Augustus (27 B.C.), the oldest Roman triumphal arch,
the bridge of Tiberius, the ruins of Sigismondo Malatesta’s Sismondo castle and a true masterpiece of Renaissance art, the Malatesta Temple.