Local Experience

For a couple's holiday with a "wow effect", the EM|hotel Europa Monetti is the place for you.

Cattolica, Gabicce and Gradara. We are immersed in a magical area: on the sea at the foot of a unique hinterland, full of history made up of fortresses, castles and medieval villages.

Culture, traditions, food and wine products and local excellences... everything to try. Let yourself be guided by our Local Coach. Each experience will be unique and full of moments to be immortalised.

A tour of the wine cellars in our hinterland for wine tastings and traditional products from Romagna and the Marches will help you discover flavours you have never tried before. Your palate will be satisfied!

A guided tour on a sailing boat, an aperitif on a boat or a night at sea under the stars. A true spectacle that is hard to describe.

And for a bit of carefree fun you can spend an evening immersed in the nightlife of the clubs and streets of the centre.


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