Mini Club

A whole day of fun!

A day of non-stop activities, our entertainers are as tireless as the children.

The day starts early with lots of super fun activities:

we head off to the beach, ours is private so the entertainers will already be there when you arrive! Treasure hunts, tournaments and dancing are just some of the activities organised!

If, on the other hand, your child wants to go to the swimming pool or to the baby club "La Baia di Pasqualo", the animators will be there too!

After lunch a little break in the relaxation area with a nice cartoon all together to prepare for the afternoon's activities. Before the snack your children can do the creative workshop with manual activities: colours, sand, salt dough, building blocks. And then a dip in the pool - that's always fun! Every evening there will be a different activity until 10 p.m.: movie and popcorn night, shows and parades, baby dance, surprise games and much more...

In addition to all this, in the morning there will be many excursions, unique experiences:

"Biologist for a day", a boat trip to discover the flora and fauna that inhabit the seabed of the Adriatic Sea.

A trip to Gradara, an afternoon spent looking up at the flight of hawks in the marvellous mediaeval village.

Visit to the Cattolica Aquarium, to discover the rarest species of marine animals

"Love, think, create", a creative workshop with clay.

Your child's unforgettable journey will be accompanied by PASQUALO, our mascot,

he will truly be the protagonist and fun companion!

He is a shark, but with a good soul and a playful character...

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